Blood Sugar

Here are some supplements that can help to stabilise blood sugar levels such as:

  • GREEN COFFEE PLUS contains active ingredients that help to slow the release of glucose into the body after a meal, keep blood sugar levels stable.
  • GLUFORM –  contains ingredients that help keep glucose and insulin levels in check.
  • KETONE/GLUCOSE METER – used for monitoring ketones while on the ketogenic diet for diabetes or weight loss.
  • BLOOD KETONE TEST STRIPS – Blood ketone thin test strips
  • BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS – used to measure the amount of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood.
  • ON CALL LANCING DEVICE – A blood glucose monitoring device
  • ON CALL LANCETS – glucose testing strips
  • STEVIA – Each bottle contains zero calories and has a GI of 0
  • PNFORM – Herbal tincture for regulate blood sugar levels,  help improve digestion, absorption and to help reduce inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Ultimate Blood Sugar Pack – a pack that contains 4 different supplements, supporting and stabilise blood sugar levels.