Heavy Metal Detox

There are many natural chelators on the market that purport to detoxify heavy metals from the body, but none have any solid scientific research to back them. The natural heavy metal detox formula that we have here called HMD has some solid research behind it, as well as nearly a decade of clinical experience by practitioners all over the world.

The products that accompany HMD for optimal detoxification and drainage are:

  • HMD – this formulation is the main one that draws heavy metals from inside the cells of the body
  • HMD LAVAGE – this is a herbal drainage remedy that can be used to help support the detoxification organs such as the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system
  • HMD CHLORELLA – a natural algae that helps to pick-up heavy metals lurking in the body, but cannot pull toxic metals from inside the cell
  • HMD ULTIMATE DETOX PACK – this comprises all the above-mentioned 3 products and it is highly recommended that these be used together for optimal detoxification without detox reactions – one month supply
  • 60-DAY ULTIMATE DETOX PACK – this is a 2-month supply (without the HMD MULTIS)
  • 90-DAY ULTIMATE DETOX PACK – this is 3-month supply (without the HMD MULTIS)
  • HMD SUPER ULTIMATE DETOX PACK – this comprises of the HMD, LAVAGE, CHLORELLA as well as a high-potency multivitamin called HMD MULTIS – one months supply
  • 60-DAY SUPER ULTIMATE DETOX PACK – this is the abovementioned pack that lasts 2 months
  • 90-DAY SUPER ULTIMATE DETOX PACK – this is the abovementioned pack that lasts 3 months