A subtle shift as your system slowly integrate with the natural vertical invitation of the Mini-V’s vertical flow. It is important that you give the Mini-V time to integrate within your system.

As your system begins to harmonise and equalizes, there is typically times of joy for no reason, subtle, -yes, but after a while you will begin to notice a new or deeper sense of well-being. For many an attunement to who they are begins or deepens as they sense their power of being. For others, it is first noticed by the comments and reactions of friends and loved ones, as they notice something is different.  However, you experience it, please do share.  It is a tool that ignites or fuels your own inner divinity.

Please do allow yourself time, as often it takes weeks to come to the point of recognition. For this reason, it is recommended to wear it every day, only removing it at nighttime.

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