The SOLADEY IONIC TOOTHBRUSH, invented and scientifically tested by Japanese researchers is a unique invention that allows you and your family to maintain excellent oral health by killing harmful bacteria without the use of toothpaste.

The Soladey Ionic Toothbrush has a light-activated titanium dioxide rod in the hand grip. When a light source on the rod shines in the ionic toothbrush, it converts this light into negatively charged ions (electrons). These negatively charged ions blend with your saliva and make positively charged acid particles of plaque and tartar harmless.

Due to this scientific ingenious way of oral hygiene makes tooth paste unnecessary. Water or saliva is still the only active ingredient needed to ensure a clean and healthy oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth with the Soladey Toothbrish is efficient, healthy and does not need you to stock up on boxes of toothpaste for all those in the shelter.

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