TURMERIC COMPLEX – buy 6 and get 6 FREE!


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TURMERIC COMPLEX caps – a high strength, pure extract of this popular spice. Contains black pepper and other synergistic herbs such as ginger root extract, cayenne extract, zinc citrate and vitamin B6 which has been shown to increase the absorbency.

The most important ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is found within the root of the plant, and it is this part which is responsible for its bright yellow colour. The highly concentrated extract of turmeric roots used in these tablets is 95% curcumin, (10:1 turmeric extract) which means that each tablet provides the equivalent of 5,720 mg of culinary turmeric (or over one heaped teaspoon). The capsules are veggie caps,  and are easy to swallow.

Some other turmeric supplements available contain just normal culinary turmeric, providing just 400 mg (or 0.4 g) of turmeric per capsule, which is well below the level used in the studies that have generated so much interest in this fascinating spice.

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