Here is a video testimonial from Sebastian Pieter whose conclusion after seeing many health benefits was: “this is a genuine product that really works!:

I just wanted you fine folks to know that following a hair analysis, which showed I was dangerously high in mercury and uranium, I took a two month course of HMD™. I then took a break for a year (I know..) and reordered, and took almost 3 more months of your HMD™ products. Afterwards I did a follow up hair analysis which showed NO MERCURY and only a trace uranium.

I struggle with Chronic Fatigue as well as a chronic spontaneous CSF leak… SO, my health journey began when, per the conventional medical community’s own lips, my doctors could do nothing more for me… SO GLAD, or else I would never have researched for myself alternative methods and would probably just be on a ton of drugs, poisoning myself and getting sicker.

With that said, getting heavy metals out of my body produced less of a foggy brain for me!!! I didn’t just have hair analysis lab results to prove my HM clearance, but my alleviated brain fog told me as well.

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I know your products WORK!

In June 2012 I went to see a dentist for a general check up. He told me I needed a filling in a tooth to which I agreed, however I didn’t realize the tooth had a mercury filling. The dentist gave me no indication that the tooth had a mercury filling and went about drilling into the filling without any protection or precautions for the mercury being absorbed by myself. Following that appointment I began to get extremely sick, mentally. I began having massive depression and anxiety, so severe that I had to sleep locked in a room on my own without any sharp instruments because I was worried I would harm myself or someone else. The thoughts I was getting were horrific and I couldn’t see how I could live thinking like that. It was like my brain was cramping and I was getting horrible thoughts that I just could not control. It was a real battle just to get through one day. In fact I would have to plan the entire day and make sure I had something to do at every stage of day just to help me get through the day. I went to the doctor to try to find the problem. The doctor sent me for blood tests, an epilepsy test, a brain MRI, a cat scan of my head. I went to a maxofacial specialist, an ear nose and throat specialist and a psychiatrist. None of the tests or specialists could find anything so the doctor prescribed me high dose Vitamin B told me to exercise and sent me home. That night I took a vitamin B tablet and woke up at 1:00 feeling like I was dying. Apparently Vitamin B turns mercury into its lethal form of mercury so I stopped taking that immediately. As a person who had always taken extreme care of my health, I couldn’t believe how sick I was and plenty of people were telling me that it was just stress. I knew it wasn’t stress and with the doctor being ineffective I kept trying to find out why I was so sick. I took food tolerance tests, hormone tests, urine metal tests, allergy tests etc. I eventually sent some hair away for analysis and it came back that I had quite high levels of mercury. That is when things began to click and I realized mercury was the thing that was making me so sick. As it is super toxic.

To confirm the test results I went and got a blood test and yes the blood test results also showed high levels of mercury.

At this point I did some research and found the natural detoxification product HMD™ which had been well researched and it looked quite impressive. My only concern was its ability to get the mercury out of the brain tissue as all my research suggested that mercury had a strong affinity for brain tissue and my brain was going crazy so I desperately needed that fixed. While I couldn’t find any strong research evidence on the ability of HMD™ to remove mercury from brain tissue, Dr George from HMD™ suggested that this may have been the case from anecdotal evidence as his patients experienced better mental health as the HMD™ lowered their mercury levels.

That was good enough for me as I was in all sorts of distress. So my action plan was to remove all mercury fillings safely. I found a dentist that did the procedure safely and had all my 4 mercury fillings removed. This also resulted in the removal of a tooth as the bacteria had gotten into the root and my research on root canal therapy showed it to be quite dangerous in the long term. My new dentist did not want to remove the fillings as he said it was more dangerous to take them out then to leave them in but again I had a very strong opinion and proof that I was having issues with mercury. The mercury filling removal was completed by December 2012.

I purchased HMD™ and began taking it immediately along with some natural supplements that I read should help with the detoxification and elimination of mercury from my body. I began with 30 drops 3 times per day with the HMD™ but I seemed to be getting sicker so on the advice of the HMD™ team I backed off to 5 drops 3 times a day. I added some extra drops per day as I felt my body was coping with the mercury removal. I tried to get the dosage up to the recommended 45 drops 3 times per day but every time I went over 30 drops 3 times a day I started to feel sick so I stuck with the 30 drops 3 times per day because my body was tolerating that. I knew it would take longer for the mercury to clear but I didn’t want to feel so sick all the time. The issue with trying to detox from mercury is that trying to remove it too quickly actually results in the mercury being reabsorbed and re-poisoning you. I realized that was why I was feeling so sick on the higher doses of HMD™ so I kept to the 30 drops 3 times per day. The other supplements I used were vitamin C, Vitamin E, Chlorella, zinc, magnesium and garlic as my research suggested these could help. I tried other supplements along the way but if I felt like they weren’t helping I would stop taking them and over time I remained with the supplements I have mentioned.

As of April 2013 my mercury had dropped to 9 units

So I was detoxing about 1 unit per month which was nice and steady and I was happy as I was gradually feeling better and thinking better. Still my thoughts weren’t all clear and happy yet. As of June 2013 I was still at 9 units of mercury in my blood which meant it hadn’t dropped in 3 months. I thought this was odd and I was disappointed but I kept on pushing on.

As of August 2013 my blood mercury had dropped to 7 units and the mercury was clearing again and with every decrease in blood mercury I was feeling better in the body and head. I was now beginning to function more like normal but still getting the odd strange thought although they weren’t nearly as strong. Yes I was definitely improving.

I continued to research mercury removal and decided to take the HMD™ on a 4 on 3 day off cycle per week but still taking only 30 drops 3 times per day because anything higher still makes me feel sick. I am also continuing to take the supplements. As of November 2013 my blood mercury is down to 4 units and I am noticing that I am feeling better with every decrease in mercury.

It is now that I lift the HMD™ dosage to 40 drops 3 times a day as the increase I can tolerate well. I am hoping in the next 3 to 4 months I will be mercury free. I will continue to detox with HMD™ and update this article as I progress.

I have been dealing with what doctors label as Interstitial Cystitis(IC) for over a year. I saw two OB/GYNs, an urologist, and a natural doctor. None of which could tell me anything more than it sounded like IC. They stated there are tests they can do, but they are invasive and painful and not always accurate. In all my research of my symptoms and of IC, all I was able to determine was it was inflammation of the bladder. They didn’t know what caused it or how to treat/cure it.

Finally I met with a holistic nutritionist. I told him my symptoms, and within five minutes he told me what was wrong and how to fix it. I had heavy metal poisoning from mercury fillings (amalgam fillings) from when I was a kid. The symptoms had surfaced because I had begun making changes in my life and moving towards a more healthy, holistic, organic lifestyle, and through this process my body started trying to fight the heavy metal. My nutritionist believes the metal had taken residence in my pancreas and kidneys since I was a child, but my body started trying to flush it out, so it began moving down into my bladder thus inflaming it. He recommended HMD™ and told me if he was right I would notice a different in three months. He was wrong, I noticed a difference within the month. It has now been a little over three months, and I would say I am 99% healed. I plan to do the detox for three more months to ensure it is all gone, but this detox has healed my body.

Four months ago, I couldn’t sleep at night worrying about what was happening to my body. Now I am perfectly healthy living a normal life. I should also mention I could not wear most silver jewelry because it gave me rashes. Now I can wear just about any jewelry I want. On top of that I have suffered from cystic acne most of my life. I always felt on the verge of a breakout. Three months into this detox and I barely break out anymore, and I haven’t had a cystic break out in at least two months. My nutritionist said the metal was inhibiting the good bacteria from fighting off the bad bacteria in my body. I am truly thankful for this product, and I don’t want to think about where my life would be without it. Thanks, Kayla

I just want to say that the HMD™ detox is working very very good with me…After the first week I had kind of flu symptoms but after that I began feeling better. I also had pain flashes in some of my teeth but that has gone too now and I am feeling overall better. My hair has started growing again, skin and my eyes look clearer and more healthy as well. I haven’t slept as well for years as I do now after 10 days on the metal detox. It is really a good product and the best money I have spent in a long time.

The HMD™ products are being used by our vaccine-damaged daughter. She was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Since starting HMD™, we have noticed many progressive steps. Her eye contact and cognition improved dramatically. She is using more language then ever before. Her bowel movements have been consistent without yeasty stools. This product has definitely changed her overall health and well-being. And she seems so much happier!!! I am so glad her doctor recommended this for her and will NEVER consider removing it from her regimen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Our family apparently was exposed to uranium because it appeared in hair analysis and urine tests. We discovered we lived in an area where there were veins of uranium running underground through the town and later read in news accounts that the EPA was testing wells for uranium in our area. As soon as we learned that we apparently had been exposed, we tried HMD™. It was a relief to know that there were options for detoxification, especially for our children, that wouldn’t be harmful. Later testingshowed that the levels had reduced by half in about 6 months. I have recommended HMD™ to friends with autistic children.

I have been suffering from severe menopausal symptoms as well as migraines andinsomnia for some time now. A few months ago I stumbled across the HMD™ website and was intrigued. I am a nurse and am very much into natural remedies and holistic healing. But to be honest at first I was really put off by the price. This product is not cheap. After some umming and ahing I finally went for it, and wanted to share my experience here.

I went into menopause a few years back. My hot flashes came first and got really intense. It was so bad that sweat was literally dripping down my nose – very embarrassing at work. Within the second year I started not being able to sleep at night I would lay awake for hours and my mood also started to change. I got very irritable and short tempered and this was not nice for my family. Sometimes I would even carry it into work and be slight short tempered with my colleges, which I had never done before. For me HRT (hormone replacement therapy) was always out of the question, as I don’t like to interfere with my body in such a dramatic way. Plus you get all the side effects. So I tried with herbal remedies like sage and homeopathic drops – these things did help for a while but soon it was always back to square one.

With HMD™ it was a different story. Nothing much happened at first but after a few weeks, I started seeing results. I started to sleep better and my mood improved. The hot flashes also started to get less and less. I have now been taking it for 4 months and I am amazed how it has transformed my life. I still have hot flashes occasionally but it’s bearable now. I have even noticed an improvement in my migraines – something that I have always suffered from. I would usually have an attack at least once a week – now I have not had one for the last 17 days. Somehow I feel that my whole life has become wholesome again and I am very thankful for this development. Despite the cost, HMD™ is definitely worth it!

Alex is doing beautifully on the HMD™. I have been able to raise the dose. His speech is more frequent and clearer. His teacher reports “great” days at school. He is pretty regular and seems to actually be stimulated to move his bowels after his daily dose of HMD™ most times. There are other changes such as:singing with me, just knowing the words all of a sudden to songs, understanding us better, hearing better, etc.

I would first of all like to say thank you for your research in regards to HMD™. I have purchased it, and I would like to give a bit of feedback so far. I have been taking HMD™ for about a week and a half, and here is what I have experienced so far.

I am 32 years old and in pretty good health. However I have a condition of systemic candidiasis that I have had symptoms of for the last ten years, with toxic metals like mercury being one of the causative factors to this problem. With the Candida, my biggest problem was of a condition called pruritis, which is cuts or breaking of the skin that would be both painful, and extremely irritating and itchy.

This itching and the pain from the eruptions or cuts in the skin would keep me up all night, and torture me throughout the day. I thought for sure after doing some research that I might have a lot of mercury built up and I was possibly allergic to mercury. The doctors called it dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, and of course had no real answer for it. I also had these pink spots in that area which became worse (larger and more of them) in time, as well as some sort of scaly spots that would show up from time to time as well. I also just dealt with itching all over other parts of my body as well.

When I started taking HMD™, those issues on the third day as well just went really bad. The cuts or eruptions started to manifest and it was pretty severe. I continued to take the HMD™, and as of today the cuts have healed, and the itching has lessened quite a bit. The spots are still there, and I realize that it takes time, but I am hopeful that this condition will disappear in time with using HMD™. (more…)